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Apply before 30/09/2022

The Marine Biology Research group at UGENT is looking for a full-time (100%) Post-doctoral researcher to investigate benthic biogeochemistry and food webs in fjord environments

The fjords on the West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) and Greenland experience among the most rapid and dramatic environmental changes in marine ecosystems, with substantial variation in the duration of the sea ice season, advanced glacier retreat, warming of surface waters and shifts in local primary production. Impacts of these changing ice conditions on the benthic ecosystem are complex, and mainly the effects on benthic carbon and nutrient cycling and food web resilience are poorly understood.


This post-doc position will target fundamental research on the impact of changing ice conditions on benthic biogeochemistry and food webs in two polar environments. The successful candidate will participate in research cruises to the west-Antarctic Peninsula and Greenland, collect and process sediment samples, perform biogeochemical measurements and identify benthic communities. The post-doctoral researcher will be engaged in the interdisciplinary research project TANGO (‘Estimating Tipping points in habitability of ANtarctic benthic ecosystems under GlObal future climate change scenarios’) and CANOE (‘Climate chANge impacts on carbon cycling and fOod wEbs in Arctic fjords’). Both projects aim to investigate biogeochemistry and food web structure and stability, in response to declining sea ice conditions (TANGO) and to glacial melt on in Greenlandic fjords (CANOE).

We seek a candidate with a background in marine science, biogeochemistry, biology, or related fields.
The selected candidate will work in the group of Prof. Vanreusel and Prof. Ulrike Braeckman.

  • You are highly motivated to conduct research within an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers, and thus build a professional network and academic career;
  • You will perform fundamental research within the domain of marine biogeochemistry and (food web) ecology;  
  • You prepare and participate regularly in sampling campaigns at sea on location in Antarctic and (sub-)Arctic fjords with lengths of a few days to a few months.
  • You have a strong interest in marine biogeochemistry and ecology;
  • You will support education activities at Ghent University by supervising bachelor and master thesis projects, and by assisting in practical and theoretical biology and ecology classes;
  • You will process the data and communicate the results into one or more scientific papers.


Apply online through the e-recruitment system before the application deadline (see above). We do not accept late applications or applications that are not submitted through the online system. We will perform a pre-selection and invite selected candidates for an interview. The selection committee will review the applications immediately after the application deadline. The interviews will take place at the end of September.

University of Ghent, 16 September 2022. More information.

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