As coral reefs face threats, UB scientists study the future of soft corals

UB coral researchers Mary Alice Coffroth and Howard Lasker. Photo: Douglas Levere

This summer, coral researchers from around the world gathered to share their latest findings at a conference devoted to reef science, conservation and management.

One question that looms large in the field: As warming waters, ocean acidification and other pressures threaten corals, what will reefs look like in years to come?

“Much of the conference was focused on the future of coral reefs,” says UB scientist Howard Lasker, who attended the 15th International Coral Reef Symposium in July in Bremen, Germany, with fellow UB coral scientist Mary Alice Coffroth. Both are research professors of geology in the College of Arts and Sciences.

“While it has been a consistent theme that we must reduce CO2 emissions, the focus of many of the papers has been the science behind approaches to facilitate the survival and recovery of reef corals,” Lasker adds.

Charlotte Hsu, UBNow, 16 September 2022. Full article.

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