Aquaculture Europe 22

Date: 27-30 September 2022

Location: Rimini, Italy

The issues of compatibility and mutual synergy between the users of marine, brackish and freshwater resources and their relationship with the quality of those ecosystems are central in promoting the sustainable development of the Blue economy and aquaculture.

Traditional and emerging Blue economy sectors, currently operating in the Adriatic, Mediterranean and water bodies throughout Europe, are expected to grow and expand over the next years and to sustainably contribute to food production, biofuel and clean energy.

Nevertheless, scientific literature provides clear evidence that, according to current trends and within 10 years, our coastal and marine environment will change for sea acidification and warming, sea-level rise and coastal erosion and all water bodies will be affected by flooding, eutrophication and pollution, with important effects on ecosystem services, fish and shellfish stocks and food security.

Plenary 1. Wednesday, September 28 09:00 – Climate change and aquaculture

An overview of the short term scenarios of how climate changes will affect temperature, sea level, severe weather, flooding, erosion, acidification for the Med and Adriatic. Followed by specific aquaculture climate impacts and challenges – with case studies of iconic fish and shellfish species.


  • Nadia Pinardi, Departament of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bologna
  • Mariana Mata Lara, Geonardo Environmental Technologies

Aquaculture Europe 22, 19 September 2022. More information.

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