Ocean acidification a threat to Pacific Islands People

30 June 2022, Lisbon Portugal, UNOC2022 – The Pacific Islands consist of 98 percent ocean and two percent land. With Pacific people already impacted by climate change, the threats posed by ocean acidification are overwhelming, adding yet another layer to the long list they must suffer.

Amplifying our Pacific voice at every opportunity available, the UN Ocean Conference now underway in Lisbon, Portugal, has heard the Pacific Small Islands Developing States (PSIDS) call upon the global community, yet again, to do more.

“Small Islands Developing States are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of ocean acidification, especially in relation to coral depletion.  Coral reefs play a key role in ocean ecosystems,” stated Hon. John M. Silk, the Minister of Natural Resources and Commerce of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Speaking on behalf of PSIDS during a special session – the Interactive Dialogue on Minimising and addressing ocean acidification, deoxygenation and ocean warming, the Minister stressed the important role of coral reefs upon our livelihoods and security.

SPREP, 1 July 2022. Full article.

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