Session 8: coastal acidification (text & audio)

BASIS7-ANEP Session 8: Coastal Acidification

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1:28 Nicholas Rosenau and Holly Galavotti: “Coastal Acidification Monitoring in the U.S. EPA National Estuary Program.”

15:12 Kimberly Yates, Christopher Moore, Mitchell Lemon, et al: “Coastal Acidification Trends and Controls in Tampa Bay, Florida.”

30:36 Christopher Moore: “A Survey of Spatial and Temporal Carbonate System Variations in Four Major Rivers of Tampa Bay.”

45:13 Dennis Hanisak: “Monitoring Coastal Acidification in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida.”

1:01:12 Philip Gravinese and Morgan Jarrett: “The Effects of Reduced pH on the Reproductive Success of the Florida Stone Crab.”

1:15:57 Morgan Jarrett and Philip Gravinese: “Do pH Variable Habitats Provide Refuge for Stone Crabs from Ocean Acidification?”

TheTBEP, YouTube, 17 March 2022. Text and audio.

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