Designing climate adaptation pathways for atoll islands

Date: 22-24 March

Time: 9:00-5:00pm


This scientific workshop will assess pathways for resilience to counter risks from climate change and ocean acidification, with a focus on atoll islands.

Which solutions are ready to put in practice right away, and which ones need more time to mature? Policymakers lack information about which solutions (mitigation and adaptation) are most effective today, which ones have the potential to be effective in the longer term, and what solutions could be combined over time. In other words, what can be done, when and where?

Partner organisations:

  • Alexandre Magnan
  • IDDRI (coordination scientifique)
  • Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco
  • Agence internationale de l’énergie atomique (IAEA)
  • le CSM
  • l’Institut Océanographique de Monaco
  • le Gouvernement de Monaco
  • le laboratoire d’océnographie de Villefranche
  • et l’IDDRI

Monaco Ocean Week, 17 March 2022. More information.

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