Southern Ocean ocean acidification hub seeking expressions of interest

The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) and Global Ocean Acidification Network (GOA-ON) are seeking expressions of interest for the development of a Southern Ocean collaborative hub on ocean acidification. The hub will provide transdisciplinary expertise to coordinate research activities on ocean acidification, its drivers and biological responses from local to regional scales, and to communicate research outcomes. The effort with provide a mechanism to identify and prioritise emerging observational needs including identifying the combined role of ocean acidification with other stressors (e.g. warming, sea-ice extent, fishing pressure) in influencing the Southern Ocean biology.

More information is available here.

Expressions of interest for involvement in the development of the collaborative hub can be submitted through this form, due 18th March 2022.

For specific questions on this group and the positions, please contact Alyce Hancock.

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, 8 March 2022. More information.

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