The physical ocean – current issue

To kick off the new year, we are exploring the world of Oceanography. In this Spring issue, the Physical Ocean, we uncover new insights into how changes to the ocean’s physical and chemical properties impact marine life and the planet. Discover new ‘wild card’ solutions, such as ocean-based carbon dioxide removal technology, and why we need to change how we conduct ocean science. We also examine the challenges humankind faces monitoring the most physically and chemically active environment on Earth – the ocean’s surface.

Current Issue


  • Why are some stony coral species better at surviving ocean acidification? (page 24)
  • Championing the issue of ocean acidification (page 27)
  • Compact, flexible and easy-to-use sensor technology for ocean measurements of pH and oxygen (page 30)
  • Equipping scientists and communities (page 32)
  • Impacts of ocean carbon dioxide removal on ocean acidification monitoring (page 33)

ECO Magazine, 8 March 2022. Full article.

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