PhD position: nutrient cycling, eutrophication, hypoxia, and acidification

Agency: University of South Alabama

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Job Category: Graduate Assistantships

Start Date: 15/08/2022

Last Date to Apply: 01/04/2022



A PhD research assistantship is available for a sharp and motivated student interested in estuarine and coastal nutrient, carbon, and oxygen cycling and how changes in these cycles impact living resources. Estuarine and coastal ecosystems located at the land-sea interface are among the most highly productive systems on Earth and due to their proximity to land are also among the most susceptible to human activities. Individually and cumulatively, stressors degrade the marine flora, fauna, and ecosystems humans rely upon. Therefore, these impacts are of great societal concern. The successful candidate will work in the lab of Dr. John Lehrter ( whose research is aimed at understanding and untangling the effects of multiple stressors on coastal ecosystems. Specific objectives include understanding the water-column and sediment biogeochemical cycling of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients in response to anthropogenic forcing and applying this understanding to the stewardship of marine resources. Research tools include field and laboratory studies, satellite remote sensing, and numerical ecosystem models. The student will be expected to develop a research thesis project that is complementary to these efforts.

Texas A&M University, 3 February 2022. More information.

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