Curso regional de capacitación y entrenamiento sobre medición del sistema de carbonatos para la evaluación del indicador de acidez media del mar (ODS 14.3.1) (in Spanish)


“In the framework of the long-standing collaboration between Monaco Environment Laboratories and IOC-UNESCO, and with the support of INVEMAR of Colombia, a regional training course on the measurement of carbonate systems as an indicator of mean marine acidity (ODS 14.3.1) was developed  under the ongoing technical cooperation project RLA7025, carried out at the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Teacher Global Academy platform.

This training aimed to provide knowledge and tools to 68 specialists from the region in sampling and chemical analysis of pH, total alkalinity and dissolved inorganic carbon of coastal waters, following a standardized protocol developed by REMARCO in the region for SDG 14.3.1 reporting.

Along with the technical experts, this training course involved the participation of SDG 14 national focal points, who were trained on how to prepare and validate content for SDG 14.3.1 data reporting.

The training course is hosted on the IOC/UNESCO Global Ocean Teacher Academy platform and will therefore be accessible as an e-learning course for all specialists in the region.”


  1. INVEMAR | Colombia 50% Mar
  2. INVEMAR | Colombia 50% Mar

9 November 2021. More information.

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