New version of the R package seacarb available

The R package seacarb calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system and includes functions useful for ocean acidification research. It has just been updated to v3.3.0. It is recommended to use this version rather than any of the earlier ones. The new or updated functions are listed below; the seacarb Change Log provides more details:

Update: implementation of the efficient approach of the Solver Suite for Alkalinity-PH Equations (SolveSAPHE) (Munhoven, 2013, 2021). It determines the carbonate system speciation by calculating pH from total alkalinity (ALK) and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), CO2, HCO3-, and CO3–.

Munhoven G., 2013. Mathematics of the total alkalinity-pH equation-pathway to robust and universal solution algorithms: the SolveSAPHE package v1. 0.1. Geoscientific Model Development 6(4): 1367-1388. Article.

Munhoven G., 2021. SolveSAPHE-r2 (v2.0.1): revisiting and extending the Solver Suite for Alkalinity-PH Equations for usage with CO2, HCO3- or CO32- input data. Geoscientific Model Development 14(7): 4225-4240. Article.

Gattuso J.-P., Epitalon J.-M., Lavigne H. & Orr J., 2021. Seacarb: seawater carbonate chemistry. R package version 3.3.0. More information.

20 October 2021.

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