DOSI webinar series – Beyond plastic: pollution in the deep ocean

Webinar on pollution in the deep ocean

Plastic often grabs the headlines and its pervasiveness in the natural environment, including the deep ocean, is both highly visible and alarming. But plastic is far from being the only anthropogenic pollutant impacting the most pristine and inaccessible parts of the ocean. In this webinar, experts will address the different types of pollutants impacting open and deep-ocean marine life, how they reach the deepest parts of the ocean and what is being done to galvanise global communities to clean up their act. There will also be case studies presented from around the world demonstrating how pollution and debris in the deep ocean has tangible impacts on local communities. Details of speakers can be found below.



Inês Martins works at the Okeanos-Azores University, R&D Institute on Marine Sciences in Portugal. She dedicates her research to interdisciplinary studies in marine ecotoxicology and ecophysiology. Her main goal is to identify the molecular mechanism behind the regulation and detoxification of metal ions in deep-sea organisms. Presently she is working with cellular physiology in cold-water corals using proteomics, histology and gene expression as her main tools to identify oxidative stress biomarkers.

Topic: Impacts of acute copper concentrations on cold-water corals under an ocean acidification scenario

Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI), 2 September 2021. More information.

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