Bering science winter 2020/2021

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

Title: Sharing science in and around the Bering Sea

When: 22 June 2021

Where: Online: 10:00-11:00 am AKDT, 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

More information: Link to Webinar Webpage


The Bering Sea is experiencing many changes. Loss of sea ice and record high ocean and air temperatures continue to impact wildlife and all aspects of life for coastal communities. Through the Bering Region Ocean Update project, the Alaska Ocean Observing System works to increase regional data sharing among federal, state, community and private sector partners. Join us for an overview of the Winter 2020/2021 Bering Science report which is a resource to state, federal, community and university partners to share recent observations from in and around the Bering Sea with community members and other scientists and management agencies. This year’s report includes sections on storms, erosion, fish, crab, ocean acidification, plankton, HABs, marine mammals, marine debris and seabirds. The discussion will also provide updates on scientific research taking place during summer 2021 in the Bering Sea region.

Please follow the link above to register.


  • Rick Thoman, ACCAP at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Katie Howard, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Bob Foy or Maggie Mooney-Seus – NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center

Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS), 18 June 2021. More information.

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