5° Scientific diving summer school

Date: 29 September – 4 October

Location: Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Italy)

Teaching program:
Topics will cover the geological characteristics of this unique active volcanic area, its biological components adapted, in the local vents systems, to natural oceanacidification, hydrothermal fluids characterization, multi-parameter monitoring techniques and definition of experimental protocols for the sampling and study of the planktonic and benthonic ecosystems, with special focus on assessing effects of climate change and ocean acidification on organisms, communities andhabitat. Special attention will be addressed to Posidonia oceanica meadowsin some of the vent’s systems.

During the diving activities, students will practice bottom and habitat mapping, gas and water sampling, visual census techniques on benthos, Posidonia oceanica meadow’s charaterization, and in situ measurements with reference to the theoretical lessons.

Lessons and practical laboratories, as well as dive briefings, will be provided in English.

A participation certificate will be issued and the scientific dives will be considered for the release of a European Scientific Diver license and an Advance European Scientific Diver license.

How to apply:
Request and send the application form, plus a CV, with specific reference to your diving experience, at:

Application deadline: 31 August 2021

More information.

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