Research technician job

The Downeast Institute (DEI), located in Maine, USA, is hiring a Research Technician to collaborate with their Research Scientist in Marine Carbonate Chemistry on various projects related to ocean acidification (OA) and warming impacts on marine life. The position is open to recent B.S. graduates in the natural sciences, for a 1-year appointment (May/June 2021 – April/May 2022). Several projects are planned involving various bivalves (soft-shell clam, blue mussel, Atlantic surf clam) and the American lobster.

Duties Include:

•Operation and calibration of the ocean acidification experimental system;

•Marine animal (bivalve and lobster) larval culture;

•Chemical reagent creation and carbonate chemistry analysis;

•Carbonate chemistry sampling on tidal mudflats;

•Supervision of undergraduates as needed;

•Assistance with other duties or functions as needed.

Additional information is available upon request. Applicants should email their CVs to Dr. Robert Holmberg:

More information.

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