MS defense (A Wyeth), 7 May 2021

Date: Friday, May 07, 2021

Time: 10:00 A.M., via Zoom (link TBA)

Master’s Presentation: Amy Wyeth

Title: Effects of hypoxia and ocean acidification on swimming behaviors of Calanus pacificus

Committee co-chairs: Julie Keister, Danny Grünbaum

ABSTRACT: Environmental stressors such as hypoxia and ocean acidification are occurring in an increasing number of coastal systems and impact a range of marine species. In this seminar, I will discuss results from two sets of laboratory experiments examining the effects of hypoxia and acidification on the behavioral response of the calanoid copepod, Calanus pacificus. I will discuss changes in mortality, average depth, and swimming speeds after being exposed to chemical conditions that are already experienced in situ by organisms in places like Puget Sound, WA. Understanding behavioral responses to chemical stressors is necessary to understand how larger-scale population and trophic dynamics are going to be impacted by environmental change in the future.

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