Biological impacts of ocean warming, acidification, and deoxygenation on the marine biota (text & video)

CEBIMário apresentado no dia 13/05/2021 por Dr. Rui Rosa (Universidade de Lisboa)

The global ocean has been shielding our planet from abrupt climate change, by absorbing a large portion of the anthropogenically emitted carbon dioxide and the excess heat trapped in the atmosphere, leading to ocean acidification and warming. Additionally, oxygen loss in the ocean (also known as deoxygenation) is being exacerbated by the global rising temperatures. This complex 3-way interaction (“deadly trio”) will definitely shape populations’ fitness and ecosystems’ health in the ocean of tomorrow. Here I will discuss that ocean deoxygenation effects may be greater than those caused by acidification and warming, and that they are consistent across different levels of biological organization, taxonomic groups, ontogenetic stages, and climate regions.

Host: Juan Pablo Quimbayo (CEBIMar/USP) –

Rui Rosa (Universidade de Lisboa) –

Centro de Biologia Marinha – CEBIMar/USP, YouTube, 14 April 2021. Text and video.

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