Future priorities for adressing ocean acidification in the Mediterranean Sea Monaco Ocean Week 2021 (text & video)

This is a webinar on Ocean Acidification in the Mediterranean organized in the framework of the Monaco Ocean Week 2021: Future Priorities for Addressing Ocean Acidification in the Mediterranean: from research to policy. The session was held on March 24th and organized by the IUCN and OA Med-Hub of GOA-ON with the collaboration of the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco. Despite long-standing research programmes and major efforts to increase awareness in the Mediterranean region, policies and mitigation efforts that are specifically targeted at Ocean Acidification are still thin on the ground.

*For Part One, following an overview of the status of OA science in the Mediterranean region, this webinar examined the socio-economic aspects of OA, the reasons behind the policy gaps, the actions that can realistically implemented at national and regional levels, and the opportunities the current enhanced global focus on climate change could bring to improve the resilience of Mediterranean marine ecosystems. At the end of this part, some highlights on how to better engage Southern Mediterranean countries in OA science and actions were presented.

*In Part Two, a discussion panel (Q/A session) drew answers from critical questions related to OA and climate change from experts and policy-makers from various Mediterranean countries, and beyond.

Translation into French will be made available.

Abed El Rahman Hassoun, YouTube, 6 April 2021. Text and video.

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