Diving into an acidifying ocean

Oceans cover approximately 71% of the Earth and support every living being’s life, yet they remain mostly unknown and taken for granted. With this project I wanted to dive deeper, from the surface to the deepest depths, and learn to understand and love this key ecosystem. Grasping the extent of the effects of our actions has been a dazzling yet sad journey that has to be told and shared. I chose a visual style that could express the beauty and fragility of marine ecosystem, and one that could reach the imaginations of users and draw them into this incredible story.

Our Blue Planet is in a state of emergency. The chemistry of seawater is changing faster than ever before with catastrophic consequences across the whole marine food web.

It’s time for us to do something to change this.

Diving into an Acidifying Ocean is part of:

HEARTBEAT OF THE EARTH a series of online climate artworks

A project by Cristina Tarquini, developed by The New Chromantics in collaboration with Goggle Arts & Culture

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