What can local governments do to address ocean and coastal acidification?

Municipal governments are on the forefront of experiencing the direct impacts of climate and ocean change as they must continually absorb and prepare for adverse impacts to coastal communities.

Increasing ocean acidification (OA), combined with other stressors like ocean warming and loss of oxygen, threatens marine species and ecosystems that are essential for sustaining jobs and supporting the health coastal economies around the world.  Additionallylocal and land-based contributions along with additional stressors, can exacerbate OA and other climate related changing conditions.

Stakeholders and decision-makers at local, regional, and international scales are collaborating to respond to the accelerating global threat of OA and other climate-ocean impacts.

Local municipalities (counties, cities, ports, regional governance bodies) also have a role to play.

Download Our Infographic:  What Can Local Governments Do To Address Ocean and Coastal Acidification (oaalliance.org)

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