Call for manuscripts: Special issue “Effects of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems”

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 October 2020

Special Issue information: The expected impact of climate change on ecosystems and the service they provide to human populations is one of the most urgent research topics of our times. Among the various consequences of global climate change, ocean acidification is one subtle effect that is raising serious concerns in the scientific community due to the expected impacts on calcifying organisms, the biomineralized structures they produce, and associated communities. In recent decades, research on ocean acidification impacts has provided support for these concerns, as several negative impacts of this process have been observed in a variety of taxa in aquarium, mesocosm, and natural laboratory studies (e.g., carbon dioxide volcanic vents).

This Special Issue provides a framework to highlight new research contributing to our understanding of the impact of ocean acidification at all latitudes (polar to tropical), on all ecosystems, and through all scientific approaches (from observations in the field to laboratory-controlled experiments). Even if the session does not preclude other topics, studies focusing on the process of biomineralization and on the alteration of ecosystem services provided by systems impacted by ocean acidification are encouraged.

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