Graduate assistantship in eutrophication and coastal acidification

Graduate research assistantship is available to support a student pursuing M.S. or Ph. D. degree in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, College of Coast and Environment, Louisiana State University, starting Fall 2020. LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment (CC&E) has been at the forefront of coastal and environmental issues for nearly a century. Interested candidates should have a B.S. or M.S. degree in environmental sciences, marine sciences, marine biology, geology, physical sciences or related fields.

The major focus of research for the selected student would be to work on a funded project to understand the impact of eutrophication and estuarine acidification on water quality and biology in coastal Louisiana.

Tuition waiver and 12-month research assistantship will be provided for admitted applicant, who are expected to conduct lab and field research and report the results in scientific conferences and peer-reviewed journals, leading towards a successful completion of graduate degree.

If you meet the minimum qualifications and would like to know more about it, please contact Dr. Kanchan Maiti at for further information.

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