New version of the R package seacarb available

The R package seacarb calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system and includes functions useful for ocean acidification research.
It has just been updated to v3.2.13. You are urged to use this version rather than any of the earlier ones. The new or updated functions are listed below; the seacarb ChangeLog provides more details:

This new version includes functions to calculate the “substrate-inhibitor ratio (SIR)” (i.e. [HCO3-]/[H+]) which is used as a metric to predict carbonate chemistry dependency of biotic calcium carbonate formation (Bach, 2015). Please note that hydrogen ion concentrations in the output [HCO3-]/[H+] are on the free scale, regardless of the input pH scale. pH and [H+] outputs on multiple scales have been added as a teaching exercise to show how calculating the SIR on different scales changes its meaning. These additions are based on the carb function and therefore also return parameters of the seawater carbonate system. Many thanks to Kimberlee Baldry for her contribution.

Bach L. T., 2015 Reconsidering the role of carbonate ion concentration in calcification by marine organisms. Biogeosciences 12: 4939-4951.

Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Jean-Marie Epitalon, Heloise Lavigne and James Orr (2020). seacarb: Seawater Carbonate Chemistry. R package version 3.2.13.

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