OA action planning webinar featuring U.S East Coast

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 22 at 1:00pm EST

Description: To further support U.S. States as they continue action planning this year, the OA Alliance will be co-hosting a webinar alongside the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Coastal Acidification Networks, presenting case studies from New York and Maine. Presenters will provide examples of process, partnerships, data/ research and content that are informing OA Action Plan recommendations.

Speakers will address topics, including:

• What state action(s) authorized the creation of the New York State OA Task Force?
• What data sets or studies are helping to inform the state OA Plan?
• What types of actions is the OA Task Force considering—from a state perspective, how do you imagine the government’s role in advancing recommendations of the Task Force?
• Are there any specific actions relevant to further risk assessments of key species in the region?
• Why is it important to apply an additional analysis of issues like social equity, economy, jobs when assessing key actions or recommendations? How will such an analysis help inform priority recommendations?
• How is the Maine Ocean and Coastal Acidification Partnership helping to inform the State Climate Council’s work and final output?

Please RSVP to Jessie@OAAlliance.org if you would like to join!

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