Job announcement: Postdoc in marine chemistry, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW)

Job Description: The IOW pursues chemical, biological, geological, and physical observations in marine ecosystems, applying and improving most advanced measurement techniques. In the framework of the project SPECTROPHABS (Spectrophotometric pH-measurements for monitoring of marine acidification in the Baltic Sea), based on the results of the project BONUS PINBAL (, we aim to address remaining open questions towards a long-term stable monitoring of pH in the Baltic Sea. On the long run, the project should lead into operational routines for spectrophotometric pH measurement in the Baltic Sea and hence, the development of a strategy towards long-term monitoring of pH and marine acidification in a complex brackish water environment. Individual goals of the project include i.) evaluation of the currently commercially available instrumentation for spectrophotometric pH measurements in seawater; ii.) a strict uncertainty evaluation as function of the key parameters affecting the measurement, iii.) evaluation of problems resulting from the limited
availability of the purified indicator dye and iv) demonstration of routine
measurement schemes within the German monitoring activities.

Qualification of the Candidate: The new employee will be hosted in the Department of Marine Chemistry, within the working group “Trace Gas Biogeochemistry”, surrounded by an environment with long lasting expertise in the field of the marine carbon system. We are seeking a motivated scientist with demonstrated expertise in the fields of the marine inorganic carbon system and/or spectrophotometric pH-measurements. Applicants must have a degree (Master/Diploma) in natural sciences and a doctorate/PhD in marine chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, or a related discipline. A clear scientific profile, supported by the publication record, is expected, as is the willingness to work at sea, fluency in English, and the ability to work in a team. Besides in depth knowledge of the marine carbon system and spectrophotometric pH measurements, experience with the handling of large
data volumes as well as use of modern statistical software packages such as
R or Matlab, is desirable. A proven interest in marine biogeochemistry is

Application deadline: 20 January 2020

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