Monitoring ocean acidification in Norwegian seas in 2018

This is the annual report from 2018 based on the program: ‘Monitoring ocean acidification in Norwegian waters’ funded by the Norwegian Environment Agency. The measurements are performed by the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), NORCE Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) and the Univsersity of Bergen (UiB).

The measurements cover the area from North Sea/Skagerrak, the Norwegian Sea, and the seasonally ice covered Barents Sea. IMR conducted water column measurements along repeated transects, mainly in winter in the Skagerrak (Torungen–Hirtshals section), Norwegian Sea (Svinøy-NW, Gimsøy-NW sections), Barents Sea (Fugløya-Bjørnøya, NE Barents Sea section), and at Skrova and Arendal coastal stations. NORCE-UiB conducted water column measurements at Station M, continuous surface measurements at the same site, and water column measurements at three stations in the Hardanger region.

NIVA performed surface water measurements on two sections; Oslo-Kiel (North Sea/Skagerrak) and Tromsø-Longyearbyen (Barents Sea opening) during all of 2018. This report presents and discusses some time series for the period 2011-2018.

Norwegian Environment Agency, 17 December 2019. Report.

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