Mass Special Commission on ocean acidification holds first meeting friday

The first meeting of the Special Legislative Commission Relative to Ocean Acidification. The Commission was created by legislation passed by Senator Cyr and Representative Fernandes in 2018. The Commission is comprised of Massachusetts legislators, coastal and ocean acidification scientists, commercial fishers & shellfishers, and representatives from environmental agencies and organizations. The Commission will meet at least four times to review relevant scientific data and information related to coastal and ocean acidification, conduct public hearings, and create a report of findings and policy recommendations for the legislature by December 31st, 2020.

Participants will include:

Sen. Julian Cyr, Rep. Dylan Fernandes, Sen. Joan Lovely, Sen. Patrick O’Connor, Rep. Sarah Peake, Rep. Mathew Muratore, Kelly Kryc (New England Aquarium), Beth Casoni (Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association), Stephanie Moura (Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection), Dan Martino (Cottage City Oysters), Director Lisa Berry Engler (Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management), Emiley Lockhart (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), Stephen Kirk (The Nature Conservancy), Mark Rousseau (MA Division of Marine Fisheries)

Friday, November 8th

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Marine Biological Laboratory, Loeb Building

Room G70, 18 MBL St., Woods Hole, MA 02543

Cape Cod Today, 7 November 2019. Article.

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