Explore ocean and coastal acidification with NOAA Data in the Classroom

A screenshot of a map for the new Data in the Classroom ocean and coastal acidification module. NOAA’s Data in the Classroom uses story maps to help students explore today’s most pressing environmental issues through interactive narratives. Now, teachers and students can learn about ocean and coastal acidification through a new module.

Can ocean conditions support the growth and survival of marine life, both now and into the future?

With this new NOAA Data in the Classroom module, students can dig into this question and the relationships between carbon dioxide, ocean pH and aragonite saturation state. This educational resource introduces students to ocean and coastal acidification through a series of interactive web maps, apps, and videos, allowing students to explore authentic research questions and scaled data interactions that use near real‐time data from NOAA.

Start exploring ocean and coastal acidification today!

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 29 October 2019. Article.

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