Studying the acidification of Alaska’s waters (video)

Ocean acidification is a looming threat to Alaska fisheries. One of the major concerns is how shellfish may be harmed as the ocean grows more acidic due to climate change.

To further the scientific community’s understanding of how ocean acidification affects bivalves, Alaska Sea Grant funded Amanda Kelley, a leading expert in ocean acidification and a researcher at the University of Alaska College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, to conduct an experiment on littleneck clams and basket cockles. She is also conducting nearshore-monitoring of ocean acidification in Kachemak Bay in a collaboration with NOAA’s Kasitsna Bay Lab.

Alaska Sea Grant created this video to convey some of the professional and citizen-scientist work that is being done in Alaska to better understand ocean acidification and its effects on marine life.

Understanding the effects of ocean acidification on shellfish and other species is part of Alaska Sea Grant’s mission to support healthy coastal resources, communities and economies in Alaska.

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