Training course on best practices for ocean acidification experiments in multi-stressor scenarios

DSC_0553The IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco welcomed 16 participants from 16 countries on 24-28 May 2019, for a training course on designing and running multi-stressor experiments. The course taught participants how to use the Multiple Environmental Driver Design Lab for Experiments (MEDDLE), produced by the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Working Group 149.  This new product includes a handbook, decision support tools, an experiment simulator, and video tutorials. Participants were able to use these new tools to plan their own experimental designs and research questions. An interdisciplinary lecture team, including members of the SCOR Working Group 149, led this course: Dr. Christina McGraw (University of Otago, New Zealand), Dr. Sam Dupont (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Dr. Marcello Vichi (University of Cape Town, South Africa),  Dr. Steeve Comeau (Institut de la Mer de Villefranche, France), and Dr. Christian Pansch-Hattich (GEOMAR, Germany).

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