Upcoming webinar: ocean acidification – high-frequency long -term measurements of pH and deployment best practices

Time: Thursday 18 July 2019, 1:00pm Eastern Time (ET)

Description: Ocean acidification is happening. We can predict it through climate models, see it in pitted calcium carbonate shells, and feel it through aquaculture collapse. However, pH sensors are in dire need of an overhaul before we can confidently track this problem with the necessary quantitative accuracy. While the prevailing technology—glass electrode pH sensors—has served us well for years, inherent limitations of these instruments prevent them from taking part in the long-term installations that have redefined how ocean scientists gather data.

Keep up to date on the latest changes in ocean pH measurement technology by attending Sea-Bird Scientific’s upcoming webinar on ISFET pH sensors. During this live Webinar, our Senior Chemist Charles Branham, Ph.D. will cover technical information and advantages of using ISFET pH sensors. Our Content Development Manager Greg Ikeda will talk about best practices for deploying and maintaining the SeaFET V2 and SeapHOx V2, two moored ISFET pH sensors offered by Sea-Bird Scientific.

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