Special session on ocean acidification at WIOMSA Symposium

The 11th WIOMSA Symposium will be held on 1-6 July 2019 in Mauritius, and will include a special session on 5 July focused on ocean acidification efforts in East Africa.

Description of the session:
The 1-day OA session will offer an opportunity for East African relevant stakeholders attending the 11th WIOMSA symposium at the University of Mauritius on 5 July to understand OA challenges while maintaining ecosystem health as well as livelihoods for local communities.

OA research and monitoring priorities for the conservation and management of the ocean and its resources will be highlighted as below:
1. To motivate government, stakeholders and civil society to change their attitudes toward CO2 emissions and the Ocean through a better understanding of the relationship between actions (or lack of), CO2 emissions, OA and
consequences for the ocean and human health.

2. To promote research, innovation and development to minimize and anticipate impacts of OA.

3. To present the OA White Paper for East Africa to a wide audience and include new concepts and ideas.

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