Call for submissions for special issue: “The effects of ocean acidification on the species across the lower trophic levels in the pelagic realm”

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 July 2019

Special Issue description: The overarching aim of this Special Issue focuses on establishing how ocean acidification (OA) drives changes across pelagic species and communities from molecular to cellular to physiological to population levels and demonstrating our capacity to improve the forecasting and management of the emerging effects of OA in dynamic, complex systems. This Special Issue welcomes the integration of various complementary approaches, ranging from field experiments with laboratory manipulations to synthesis and modelling approaches with the aim to advance a mechanistic understanding across different levels of biological organization, as well as to improve the prediction of OA emerging effects. Studies can use a variety of natural systems that represent natural analogues for OA or are characterized by the variability that determines overall OA exposure in the pelagic realm. With topics describing the species sensitivity and resiliency aspects, biological thresholds, and OA-driven species distribution and habitat suitability modelling, this Special Issue aims to contribute to the overall biological vulnerability assessment of pelagic species and communities to OA. Studies that include multiple drivers are warranted if that will ultimately drive overall pelagic vulnerability or resilience to OA.

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