Community of Ocean Action on Ocean Acidification (COA on OA) videos online

The Community of Ocean Action on Ocean Acidification, led by David Osborn, IAEA Environment Laboratories and Bronte Tilbrook, CSIRO, Australia, and co-chair of GOA-ON, aims to support its members in implementing their ocean acidification-related Voluntary Commitments (VC) by exchanging progress reports, experiences, lessons learned and good practices. There are presently 258 Voluntary Commitments submitted for Sustainable Development Goal 14.3 on ocean acidification. These VCs cover a range of topics including mitigation, capacity building, policy, monitoring, among others.

The COA on OA has held two webinars, highlighting specific VCs and facilitating discussions among members of this community. A recording of the most recent webinar can be found here, and a video presentation by David Osborn providing an overview on this COA can be found here.

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