Join the GOA-ON Pier2Peer program

The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) relies on international collaboration to share data and understand the global ecological impacts of ocean acidification (OA). GOA-ON membership extends across disciplines, countries, socioeconomic status, gender and ethnicity.

Pier2Peer is a scientific mentorship program that matches senior researchers with early career scientists to facilitate an exchange of expertise and to provide a platform for international collaborations.

The matching process

Matches are assigned using information provided during registration including scientific background, region of scientific focus, and desired skills. Participants are allowed to specify mentors/mentees they want to work with. Moreover, once matches are revealed, participants are encouraged to request an alternate or additional partner and provide additional qualifications to achieve a better match.

Match Notification: Participants are notified of their match via email containing the name(s), contact information, and country of their partner. Notification emails also include general guidelines for participants including a request to keep the program organizers copied on future correspondences so that partnership progress can be documented.

Building Partnerships: P2P partnerships provide a number of professional development opportunities including technical guidance on experiments and study design, exchange of scientific articles, share information about capacity building workshops, conference, post-doc positions, and much more!

Contact Meredith Kurz ( if you have any questions / comments about the Pier2Peer program.

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