Postdoctoral Associate, Stony Brook University

Deadline for applications: 16 December 2018.

Brief Description of Duties:
The selected candidate will assist in the analysis of large-scale genomics data (RNASeq, RADSeq) to answer questions pertaining to the molecular mechanisms associated with the resilience of bivalve mollusks to pathogenic and environmental stress.

• Carry out research that allows the identification of genetic features and molecular pathways associated with bivalve resilience and response to environmental (e.g. ocean acidification, food limitation) and pathogenic stress. This includes planning and study design, wet lab experimentation with mollusks, nucleic acid extraction, high-throughput sequencing and data analysis using modern bioinformatics tools.

• Participate in the supervision of the daily operations of the lab and contribute to the training of students and interns.

• Build and submit research proposals for external funding agencies and participate in manuscript writing for publication in scientific journals. Write activity and progress reports to funding agencies.

• Other duties as assigned, including providing expert consultation to SoMAS colleagues and students, and demonstration of proper execution and interpretation of novel molecular methods and techniques.

Required Qualifications (as evidenced by an attached resume) :
Doctoral Degree (or foreign equivalent) in biological sciences or related field in hand by December 31, 2018. Extensive training in Genomics and Bioinformatics. Mastery of modern bioinformatics tools.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in Marine Genomics and/or Shellfish genomics. High-performance computing. Evidence of creativity and high productivity.

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