Spectrophotometric system for measuring water quality

Document Type and Number: United States Patent 10041923

Inventors: Streett, Andrew (San Clemente, CA, US), Rocklinger, Marc (Marina Del Rey, CA, US), Liu, Xuewu (Largo, FL, US)

A system for measuring water quality parameters, such as pH, CO2, alkalinity, and so forth, includes sensors or other measuring components integrated onto a circuit board. The circuit board may be contained within a submersible, watertight housing. A spectrophotometer may be located on the circuit board to measure the wavelength and intensity of light transmitted through the water being tested. Sensors for measuring salinity, pressure, temperature, or other properties may also be included on or near the circuit board. A microcontroller for processing these measurements is located on the circuit board. System components used to direct and filter the water, such as certain pumps, filters, and so forth, may be included in the housing off of the circuit board. Integrating the sensors and other measuring components onto a circuit board allows for a compact, low-cost water-quality-measuring system that is capable of making very accurate and precise measurements.

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