‘Advanced training on the application of nuclear and isotopic techniques in ocean acidification research’, Kuwait City, 18-29 November 2018

In the framework of the IAEA Technical Cooperation project INT7019 “Supporting a Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network – towards Increased Involvement of Developing States” a two week training event will be organized in the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research from 18-29 November 2018 in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

The aim of this training is to provide the knowledge required to design and perform a laboratory experiment in order to study impacts of ocean acidification on selected marine organisms and the use of radiotracers to assess the effect of ocean acidification on physiological processes and contaminant transport. The training format (2-week fellowship) will allow the time necessary to obtain a good understanding of experimental design applied to ocean acidification research, as well as nuclear and non-nuclear techniques used in ocean acidification laboratory experiments. A joint experiment will be performed during the training with the objective of publishing the results in an international scientific journal.

The nomination for Fellowship is open to Member States participating in the IAEA Technical Cooperation project INT7019. A maximum of 15 Applicants will be selected on the basis of a short CV and a letter developing their future planned activities related to biological responses to ocean acidification as well as their needs and motivation to attend the training. Priority will be given to early-career scientists who have begun to work in the ocean acidification area. Experts in other fields interested in becoming involved in ocean acidification studies would also be welcome, space permitting.

Only official applications through the IAEA can be considered. If you are interested in participating, please contact Lina Hansson at the IAEA/OA-ICC (l.hansson(at)iaea.org) for more information about eligibility and the application procedure. Applications must be received by 30 September 2018.

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