Practical ocean acidification training course in Sweden

A capacity building summer course supported by an IAEA inter-regional Technical Cooperation Meeting (INT7019) and the OA-ICC was held from
4-22 June 2018 at the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Infrastructure, Kristineberg, Fiskebäckskil (University of Gothenburg) in Sweden.
The advanced training was led by Dr. Sam Dupont, and included 15 participants from 15 different countries. The course was designed to give trainees some choice over which subjects they would like to focus on, and included conducting several biological experiments, proper water sampling, field work, carbonate chemistry analyses, and lectures. By having a longer and more intensive course, participants had the opportunity to network as well as troubleshoot any issues that arose in the laboratory. As an outcome of the course, the trainees will collaborate to write and publish a paper together. The design of this capacity building effort provides a tangible outcome for the course’s participants and provides a concrete contribution to global understanding of biological ocean acidification impacts. Support for one participant was also provided from The Ocean Foundation.


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