Job opportunity: biological technician (Kodiak, Alaska)


Ocean Associates, Inc. (OAI) is seeking a Biological Technician to provide support to the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC), in Kodiak, AK. OAI supplies personnel support services on contract to government and industry clients for marine fisheries and protected species. This is a position to support research aimed at developing culturing techniques for crustaceans. The work will involve daily upkeep of a seawater laboratory facility and animal care at that facility, as well as assisting with the set up and running of experiments examining the effects of ocean acidification on Alaskan crab species. In addition, this position will involve assisting with routine seawater monitoring in the facility, and will also assist with the collection of crab data in field work. This is an excellent opportunity for a person with good laboratory and animal care skills to work with important fishery species, and to live in Kodiak, AK.

Salary and Benefits

This is an hourly position, with generous employee benefits. Salary commensurate with experience.


Seawater Facility Animal Care – Provide daily seawater laboratory upkeep and animal care including the regular feeding of crab, working with Artemlo sp. cultures, measuring and recording daily results such as animal growth or mortality, tank and floor cleaning to maintain a clean laboratory environment consistent with federal and state permits.

Ocean Acidification Experiments – Assist with the set up and running of experiments examining the effects of ocean acidification on various life stages of Alaskan crab species in the seawater laboratory. This shall include planning and designing experimental set ups, organizing and setting up experimental tanks and associated experimental systems in the wet lab and/or cold rooms prior to the experiment consistent with specifications of Project Leaders. In addition, assist with the handling of live crabs of any life-history stage, introducing them into the experimental tanks and holding containers, establishing and maintaining experimental conditions in the tanks, recording data, taking and analyzing digital images of experimental subjects, inputting data into computer spreadsheets and/or databases, and proof-reading inputted data.

Seawater Monitoring – Assist with the data collection associated with seawater coming into the lab and within the experimental tanks. This will include assisting with the design, calibration, and daily instrument use (i.e. calibrate pH meter, measure and monitor CO2 levels of seawater) of the seawater monitoring system.

Field Projects – assist with the collection of crab data in the field during day trips to local bays. During the project the contractor may drive skiffs and assist Kodiak Lab staff while collecting environmental and biological data.

Required Knowledge and Experience
Bachelor’s degree, or higher, from an accredited college or university with a major directly related to specific tasks (e.g. fisheries, oceanography, natural science, or hydrology), plus two (2) years of experience in a related field or combination of such totaling six (6) years combined education/experience.

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