Call for applications: scientific diving summer school in the Aeolian Archipelago, Italy 19-27 September 2018

Deadline for applications: 2 July 2018!

The school of Panarea is open to students, graduates, specialists, PhD and post-doctoral students in scientific disciplines and professionals engaged in study and management of the land/sea.

Topics will cover the geological characteristics of this unique active volcanic area, its bioligical components adapted to natural ocean acidification in the local vent systems, and hydrothermal fluid characterization.

Participants will be trained in multi-parameter monitoring techniques and definition of experimental protocols for the sampling and study of the planktonic and benthic ecosystem, with special focus on assessing effects of climate change and ocean acidification in organisms, communities and habitat.

The course consists of 15 hours of multidisciplinary frontal lessons and 8 scientific dives. Lectures concern topics of physical, chemical, and biological oceanography, marine ecology and earth sciences, with specifc focus on marine hydrothermal systems.

Diving activities include mapping techniques, hydrothermal water sampling, sea water sampling (with Niskin bottles and benthic chamber), gas and sediment sampling, multiparametric probe positioning, gas flow measurements, visual census techniques, benthic composition and cover measurements, shoot density and grazing evaluation on seagrass Posidonia oceanica systems.
A half-day field trip to Volcano Island (1 hour from Panarea) is planned during the Summer School

More information and registration form here.

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