Intrigue centres around ocean acidification in new ‘cli-fi’ novel

In ‘The Day After The Day After Yesterday’ scientists and policymakers must team up to save the earth from catastrophic events caused by unexpectedly quickly progressing ocean acidification. The characters in this new climate fiction, or ‘cli-fi’, novel, written by French novelist Pierre-Paul-Jacques Poisson, are all based on real-life scientists working on ocean acidification.

The OA-ICC was involved in a consultative role in the making of the book – to make sure that the plot was backed by the most recent science.*

We are pleased to announce that selected OA-ICC news stream subscribers will get a VIP pass to attend a special PR event for the book in Nice on 31st April. The first 10 lucky subscribers to click the link below and register will be selected to travel to the event and meet the author!

*Note by OA-ICC staff: As a matter of fact, the branding of the book in the ‘cli-fi’ category is not technically correct – as ocean acidification is not part of climate change nor an impact of climate change, but rather climate change’s “equally evil twin” – sharing a common cause (manmade carbon dioxide emissions).

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