Enviro-doc exploring ocean acidification’s impact on deep-water corals gains unprecedented access; to premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Acid Horizon follows marine ecologist Dr. Erik Cordes on a harrowing deep-sea expedition to track down the “supercoral,” a strain of the deep-water coral Lophelia pertusa that seems to possess the unique genetic capability to thrive in a low-pH ocean. The film will make its World Premiere at the 2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

The film’s protagonist Dr. Cordes, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Biology at Temple University, explains: “Our research has shown that some coral colonies – the “Supercorals” – do better than the rest when challenged by ocean acidification. This film delivers that message through an intimate story and an epic adventure. It is essential that this story is told so that people are aware of this hidden threat, but also understand that there is hope and still time to take action.”

The film is the first feature by director Ivan Hürzeler, who said “Acid Horizon is a story about finding hope in the darkest of places. From 3000 feet below the waves, in crushing pressure and cold, Erik and his remarkable colleagues are fighting for our survival in an uncertain future. The movie puts a human face on the complex science and superhuman effort against climate change.”

The film was primarily funded by a grant from Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, a division of the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Family Foundation. Initial funds were raised through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Acid Horizon also features an original score by Philip Manley.


Friday, Feb. 2nd at 1:00PM

Metropolitan Fiesta 5 Theater – 916 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Saturday, Feb. 3rd at 2:00PM

Metropolitan Metro 4 Theater – 618 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Contact: Kurt Langer, Producer, kurt.langer@gmail.com, 646-425-4373

Dr. Erik Cordes, Chief Scientist, ecordes@temple.edu, 215-204-8876

Kurt Langer & Dr. Erik Cordes, Acid Horizon, 18 January 2018. Press release.

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