Subf 411: Ocean Talk Friday – How trawling, seaweed and ocean acidification are connected (audio)

Climate Change has a number of consequences that affect you and I directly and indirectly. Some consequences such as increased storm frequency and intensity, we see in front of our eyes (think Hurricane Irma); however, others go unnoticed (think Ocean Acidification).

All of Climate Change’s consequences are important and are brought on by us in the form of increased Greenhouse gases (CO2). We know that CO2 can be absorbed by plants, which is why we plant trees like crazy (more because forest destruction is so rampant all over the planet). However, we often forget that CO2 is also absorbed by plants in the Ocean. In fact, most of the CO2 on the plant is absorbed by plants in the Ocean. Unfortunately, human destruction is causing harm to the plants that play such a critical role in CO2 absorption and O2 production.

On today’s Ocean Talk Friday Episode, I string an article, a conversation that I had with a bank teller this week and a guide on how you can reduce your Climate Change footprint and how they all relate to Ocean Acidification (and provide an important way you can support the reduction of climate change).

Radio Free, 21 December 2017. Podcast.

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