Alaska Ocean Acidification Network Survey

The Alaska Ocean Acidification Network is interested in your opinion and priorities.  Researchers and resources managers are monitoring ocean acidification in Alaska, and need your input to develop a build-out plan for the monitoring network. Your help will make sure the plan addresses questions that are important to Alaskans. This survey should take less than 10 minutes. The AK Ocean Acidification Network appreciates your participation.

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The Alaska Ocean Acidification Network was established in 2016 and is made up of researchers, fishermen, shellfish growers, Tribes, educators, and others who are committed to expanding the understanding of ocean acidification in Alaska as well as adaptation strategies.  Currently, ocean acidification monitoring is taking place across the state in a variety of forms including fixed instruments, ship based surveys, autonomous vehicles, community water sampling efforts, and an instrumented state ferry.  Due to the size of our coastline and the amount of data needed to understand trends, there is significant work to be done to understand and predict future conditions and species response.  The Network is invested in a collaborative approach to maximize research efforts, engage with the public to address the possible impacts of ocean acidification, and discuss adaptation.

You can find more information at the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network.

Rachel Klein, Alaska Ocean Acidification Network, 13 November 2017. Survey.

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