New version of seacarb: functions for processing SeaFET pH data

The R package seacarb calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system and includes functions useful for ocean acidification research. A new version is available (3.2.2). It provides two new functions for processing data from SeaFET ocean pH sensors: (1) sf_calib computes calibration coefficients using reference samples, and (2) sf_calc uses the calibration coefficients to calculate pH from voltage measurements. These functions are R-code translations from MATLAB code published by Bresnahan et al. (2014). Samir Alliouane and Lydia Kapsenberg contributed these functions to seacarb. You can check the ChangeLog, function help files, and Bresnahan et al. (2014) for more details.

Gattuso J.-P., Epitalon J.-M., Lavigne H. & Orr, J. 2017. seacarb: seawater carbonate chemistry. R package version 3.2.2. Package []

Bresnahan, P. J. J., Martz, T. R., Takeshita, Y., Johnson, K. S., and LaShomb, M. 2014. Best practices for autonomous measurement of seawater pH with the Honeywell Durafet. Methods Oceanogr. 9, 44–60. doi: 10.1016/j.mio.2014.08.003

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