Supporting the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification

As a founding partner of the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (OA Alliance), Ocean Conservancy commits to supporting new and current members of the OA Alliance in their efforts to tackle ocean acidification. The OA Alliance is a network of governments and affiliate members (NGOs, universities, businesses, and associations) responding to the threats of ocean acidification and changing ocean conditions. OA Alliance members have agreed to take meaningful actions within their jurisdiction to develop Ocean Acidification Action Plans that assist in the implementation of UN SDG 14.3 by advancing the following five goals:

1. Advance scientific understanding of ocean acidification.
2. Take meaningful actions to reduce causes of acidification.
3. Protect the environment and coastal communities from impacts of a changing ocean.
4. Expand public awareness and understanding of acidification.
5. Build sustained support for addressing this global problem.

Ocean Conservancy works to support action on ocean acidification that benefits people who depend on the ocean for food, jobs, and recreation. We work with decision-makers at the local, regional, national, and international levels to raise awareness about the potential impacts to coastal communities from acidification, using the best available science. We identify and provide coastal businesspeople and residents opportunities to tell their stories to decision-makers in order to drive support for actions to tackle acidification. We advocate for smart, science-based policies that will benefit ocean resources and the people who depend on them.

We will do this by:

1. Working with OA Alliance members to raise awareness of the impacts of ocean acidification on coastal communities and businesses.
2. Helping publicize OA Alliance member countries efforts to support research focused on species and businesses at risk.
3. Assisting each new OA Alliance member to pair their Action Plans with a strategic communications plan informed by the best practices that we have developed for ocean acidification.

Our strategic approach has successfully enabled leaders to understand ocean acidification, to comprehend how ocean acidification can impact their citizens, and to see how ocean acidification can be addressed regardless of prevailing political or economic conditions. This work will proceed in parallel with Action Plan development, for the duration of the OA Alliance. This commitment is particularly responsive to UN SDG 14.3.

Ocean Conservancy, The Ocean Conference (official website), June 2017. Statement.

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