Public lecture: “The Evil Twin of Climate Change—Ocean Acidification”, 20 April 2017, Belfast, Maine

Date & time: Thursday, 20 April 2017, 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Location: Belfast Free Library, 106 High St., Belfast, Maine

For more information: 207-338-1137

State Representative Mick Devin of Newcastle will speak about the growing effects of ocean acidification on Maine’s fishing and aquaculture industries, along with the impacts of rising seawater temperatures and marine debris.

Devin has led the way in researching the culture and ecology of marine animals and plants and is currently using his research to develop new marine policy for the needs of fisheries in the future.

Mick has been researching marine invertebrates and phytoplankton for over 20 years since earning his masters degree in marine biology. This research has included quantifying species diversity of deepsea megafauna, the development of commercial scale sea urchin aquaculture, bivalve and whelk culture, and creating policy options for fisheries’ management. Devin has also served as a John Knauss Marine Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation and completed a fellowship studying large-scale sea urchin and sea cucumber culture in Hokkaiddo, Japan. Aquaculture of finfish, shellfish and sea vegetables is one of the fastest growing industries in Maine. It requires healthy marine waters for success.

At the State House, Mick co-chaired the legislature’s ocean acidification committee (the first of its kind on the East Coast) and sponsored the bill that created a commission to study the effects of coastal and ocean acidification on commercially harvested and grown species—its purpose was to recommend future actions to the Maine State Legislature. Through his patient efforts the bill passed. He has also sponsored bills to address sea level rise, storm surges, commercial fishing and aquaculture management, and marine debris—all compelling and growing issues for fisheries in Penobscot Bay and beyond. Mick is recognized nationally for his political leadership addressing ocean acidification. His enthusiastic perseverance led to his being invited to stand alongside California Governor Jerry Brown at a kick-off event for the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification.

The multimedia presentation will allow time for questions and discussion. (…)

The Bangor Insider, 10 April 2017. Article.


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