Deadline for abstract submission approaching: “Ocean Ecosystems Changes Under Multiple Stressors”, Goldschmidt Conference 2017, 13-18 August 2017, Paris, France

Deadline for abstract submission: 1 April 2017!

Convenors: Adrienne Sutton, Sam Dupont

Keynote: Jacob Silverman (IOLR, Israel)

Natural variability in key chemical and physical drivers influences marine life at a multitude of time and space scales. Our ability to project the response of ecosystems to a changing ocean is limited by uncertainties in both present and future variability in stressors such as temperature, oxygen, carbonate chemistry and trace metals as well as uncertainties in biological impacts. This session focuses on new insights into variability and change of these multiple drivers and how they impact marine ecosystem structure, function, and biodiversity directly through fitness of individual species or indirectly through ecological interactions. Studies utilizing this information to develop ecosystem vulnerability assessments or biological indices/thresholds will also be considered. Submissions utilizing observations, experiments, and models to investigate the ecological implications of changing ocean temperature and chemistry are all welcome.

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