Application open for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow position, “Coral reef acclimatization and adaptation to ocean acidification: comparative transcriptomics after reciprocal transplant experiment at CO2 seeps”, ENTROPIE, New Caledonia

In the framework of the project CARIOCA (Coral reef acclimatization to ocean acidification at CO2 seeps) we collected corals living at two CO2 seeps in Papua New Guinea and at control stations. We also reciprocally transplanted for four months these corals, which seems to be less sensitive to high pCO2 (the winners), and some others which where only found at control stations (the losers). Our main goal is to associate both long- and short-term studies in gene expression together with changes in organism physiology.

We are seeking to appoint an accomplished and motivated candidate to the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow to work during 15 months on this unique new project. The post-doc will have in charge to analyse the coral transcriptomic data. She/he will have to annotate and compare gene expression between resident and transplanted corals (intra- and inter-species comparisons) and perform de novo transcriptomes for non-model species. Using her/his knowledge in cell functioning and cell genetics, the candidate has to explore the paradigm of adaptability versus acclimatization and to puzzle out the pathways that might drive the corals sensitivity and resistance to ocean acidification.

The position is placed in the research group ENTROPIE ( Work will start as soon as a candidate will be available (hopefully June 2017), and the position will be located in Nouméa, New Caledonia.

Who should apply? The applicant should have strong skills in bioinformatics to manage the whole analyses of NGS transcriptomic data and databases. Therefore she/he will have to use various applications designing for NGS and write routines and subroutines to manage the data. A sound knowledge of cellular biology and genetics as well as in biostatistic are also required. A good understanding of physiology will be viewed favourably, although not essential. Candidate should demonstrate excellent written and communication skills in English.

The postdoc will be supervised by Gaël Lecellier and will be in strong connection with the other members of the project CARIOCA. Candidates with a PhD degree and prior research experience relevant for this position are invited to submit by e-mail both a CV/Resume and cover letter, ensuring that he/she has provided enough information relevant to the selection criteria for this position.

Studentship funding: Funds for a 15-month fellowship are from a National Research Funding Scheme (ANR). Salary is 2500€ /month.

Contacts: gael.lecellier(at) & riccardo.rodolfo-metalpa(at)

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